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Once you've made your submission to OJS, you will need to wait for the journal to make a decision about your work.

You may not pass the initial editorial review, such as if your submission is too off topic for the journal (e.g., a biology paper submitted to a history journal). If you pass this stage, however, your submission will be sent out for peer review.

Most OJS journals use a double blind peer review process, so you won't know who is reviewing your work and they won't know whose work they are reviewing.

Once this process is completed, which can take a few weeks or longer, you will be informed of the editorial decision and receive the reviewers' anonymous comments.

Possible decisions include:

  1. Accept without revisions: rare, but can happen.
  2. Accept with revisions: this is common and will require that you make some changes based on the reviewer comments.
  3. Resubmit for Review: this requires major changes. You will need to rework your manuscript based on the comments and then resubmit it for another round of review.
  4. Rejection: this can happen if your paper isn't a good match for the journal or fails to meet their requirements. You should review your work, get feedback from colleagues, and then try resubmitting elsewhere.

For decision #1, you don't need to take any further action and can wait to hear from the copyeditor.

For decision #2, you will need to make the requested revisions and then upload the revised manuscript in OJS.

  • Login to the journal
  • Select Revisions Required
  • Upload the revised manuscript
  • Note Note: Select the Notify Editor link to send an email informing the editor that you have completed the revisions.
  • Wait to hear if the revisions are approved. If not, you will be asked to make additional changes and re-upload your revised document.
  • When you revisions are accepted, you will receive an email informing you of that decision. You must now wait to hear from the copyeditor.

For decision #3, you will need to make the requested changes and then upload the revised manuscript as a new submission.

For decision #4, no further action is required in OJS.



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