Accented characters in the database

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Postby asmecher » Fri Dec 15, 2006 11:43 am

Hi Wayne,

The inconsistent behavior is very strange, and not something I've encountered before. However, here are a few notes:

1. Depending on your OJS configuration, characters may or may not be stored in the database in UTF-8 encodings. This means that MySQL will see the accented-E character as "É" but when it is actually used it will be correctly handled by OJS. See connection_charset and database_charset directives in for specifics.

2. If an error message or warning is being displayed at the top of the page, accented characters will not display properly.

If your installation of MySQL supports using utf-8 connection and storage (i.e. the directives in 1. can be set to utf8), you should have better results.

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Accented characters in the database

Postby waynej » Tue Feb 06, 2007 11:54 am

We have just upgraded to OJS 2.1.1 and we are experiencing some odd and inconsistent behaviour with respect to accented characters served from the database.
In other words, the problems don't occur in HTML document submissions, only with content that is pulled directly from MySQL.
Specifically, our bilingual journal title features the character É (capital E, acute accent).
The character often appears correctly but occasionally does not.
Often reloading a given page will have inconsistent results (i.e. the character will appear as a nonsense character, then correctly when the page is reloaded).
I tried entering the character as the HTML entity "É" but that has even worse results.

Even more distressing is the fact that the character seems to get corrupted in the database even when no updates to the content have occurred.
The accented E turns into É.
Again, this behaviour is not consistent.
The accented E can be saved to the database, confirmed that it is still there, and then later it will have been corrupted.

Does anyone have any clues as to how to resolve these problems?


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