2 questions: Abstract | generate HTML

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2 questions: Abstract | generate HTML

Postby beuseful » Tue Feb 05, 2013 9:04 am

1) Imagin you have your OJS installe in just one language: is there an easy way to only have the field "abstract" duplicated in order to provide the text in more languages?

2) Can someone recommend a tool to generate a html file from MS Word that can be uploaded to OJS?

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Re: 2 questions: Abstract | generate HTML

Postby vgabler » Fri Feb 15, 2013 8:43 am


OJS is set up so that when you have multiple languages enabled, you can enter translated metadata for each enabled language by toggling back and forth the "form" language on the metadata page to enter each version. However, it's not set up to do this for languages not enabled on an installation. So, if you only have the English language interface enabled, you only have access to one version of each metadata field (so if you only have one language enabled, you can only enter one language version of the Abstract). The only easy "workaround" would be to enter the multiple versions in a series in the one available free form field for Abstract one after the other, which might prove to be a metadata problem.

I'm not aware of an Open Source tools for generating html from a Word document. PKP's Lemon8-XML generator is still in development. There are professional organizations that generate XML and HTML from Word or PDF documents for a fee per document. The Data Conversion Laboratory charges $2.75 per page with an additional fee of $0.75 per image. I'm not aware of the costs for other companies providing this service.

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