Formatted / html text in abstract

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Formatted / html text in abstract

Postby jhenderson » Mon Aug 27, 2012 10:25 pm

The abstract submission page provides a textbox for the abstract which allows authors to use basic formatting, to paste formatted text from a word processor, or to enter html formatting directly.

Tables are particularly important for some of our abstracts. These can be pasted into the textbox from MS Word tables, and the HTML view shows them with standard HTML table tags.

At least some of this formatting, including tables, is not preserved in the non-editable presentation of the abstract in the review process, nor in the csv document produced by Reports.

Is the formatting preserved in
i. Export Papers ?
ii. Online presentation of abstracts ?

Also what about non-European characters used in abstract text. Some phonetic characters at least are not preserved in the csv document produced by Reports. Presumably these are not in UTF8 encoding.

Thanks in advance.

Update 29/8/2012.

I've been able to test now myself and the answer seems to be that the formatting is NOT preserved in the online forms either as a Presentation or in the non-editable parts of the review process. This means that html and/or other formatting in abstracts is basically useless for online purposes.

The Export Papers function DOES preserve the html tags. The angle-brackets are converted to the gt; and lt; entities, and so should be recoverable. However I haven't checked yet whether any use of '<' or '>' in the body of the abstract would also be reduced to the gt; and lt; entities. If so, this would require manual checking of abstracts before recovering the html tags.

In summary then, since I want to make Presentations available online and make them properly formatted for reviewers, we will need to tell authors not to use the available formatting in the abstract input textbox!

If I've missed something or have misunderstood how the system works, I'd be grateful to hear about it.

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