OCS blank screens

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OCS blank screens

Postby StuartSutton » Sat Nov 05, 2011 2:51 pm

We just upgraded to OCS I started setting up a new scheduled conference instance and find most (but not all) of the administration screens are blank. Forum search doesn't reveal anything relevant that I can find. I went back to the previous instance of the same conference that was fine in the earlier version and it also has the same blank screens even though the public site is fine. I can't see any pattern in the few pages that appear in the admin interface and those that do not. Here's a rough list of pages that are showing and the many that are not.

General Management:

--Pages that display:
/manager/setup/3 (OK)
/manager/setup/4 (OK)

--Pages that do not display:
/manager/setup/1 (blank)
/manager/setup/2 (blank)
/manager/setup/5 (blank)
/manager/setup/6 (blank)

Current Conferences:

--Pages that display:
/dc-2012/manager/schedConfSetup/1 (OK)
/dc-2012/manager/timeline (OK)
/dc-2012/manager/groups?clearPageContext=1 (OK)
/dc-2012/manager/people?clearPageContext=1 (OK)

--Pages that do not display:
/dc-2011/director (blank)
/dc-2011/trackDirector (blank)
/dc-2011/author (blank)
/dc-2011/reviewer (blank)

/dc-2012/manager/schedConfSetup/2 (blank)
/dc-2012/manager/schedConfSetup/3 (blank)
/dc-2012/manager/tracks?clearPageContext=1 (blank)
/dc-2012/manager/program (blank)
/dc-2012/manager/importexport (blank)
/dc-2012/manager/statistics (blank)
/dc-2012/manager/registration?clearPageContext=1 (blank)
/dc-2012/manager/scheduler (blank)
/dc-2012/manager/paymentSettings (blank)
/dc-2012/manager/accommodation (blank)

My Account:
--Pages that display:
/user/profile (OK)

--Pages that do not display:
/user/changePassword (blank)

--Pages that display:

--Pages that do not display:
/admin/conferences (blank)
/admin/languages (blank)
/admin/auth (blank)


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Re: OCS blank screens

Postby jmacgreg » Tue Nov 08, 2011 4:12 pm

Hi Stuart,

See this FAQ entry with instructions on what to do with blank pages.


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