LDAP / Shibboleth Login system

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LDAP / Shibboleth Login system

Postby jamief » Mon Jun 22, 2009 7:24 am

There are posts throughout the PKP forum about using a LDAP server (or Shibboleth) to handle, for example, integration of OCS/OJS with Joomla. In the majority of cases, the interest lies in running OCS/OJS platform "underneath" a joomla installation. This is what I have been looking for as well, although have yet to discover a solution. Definately ONE of the solutions will entail a single sign on (LDAP/SHIBBOLETH). But what I understand is that these software packages both require installation on the server, which supposes I run my own server and have physical access to it.

In my case, I have long given up running my own server, and am happy to leave that to the professionals. So, if I don't have a chance of installing LDAP or SHIBBOLETH - what are my options?

One work around might be for me to mount an LDAP SERVER on a remote host where I do have access to a clean UBUNTO linux installation (This is the case with Gandi Hosting services, which allow you to physically build servers.

If I build a server dedicated to one of these two LDAP solutions, am I going to suffer in performance doing all my login authentication on a remote server some distance from the physical place where the web hosting is going to be?

Anyone encountered interesting workarounds for integrating, or at least working side by side, a CMS (like joomla, drupal, magenta) with OCS/OJS?

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