OJS Plugin: Jalali calendar support

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OJS Plugin: Jalali calendar support

Postby asmecher » Wed Sep 10, 2008 9:14 am

This plugin adds support for the Jalali calendar (aka the Persian calendar). Dates presented in various parts of the system will be automatically converted from Gregorian to Jalali. (This does not include date input fields.)

This is a site-wide plugin, meaning that it will affect all journals within an installation of OJS.

To use the plugin, extract the attached archive into plugins/generic. Then, using an account that has both Site Administrator and Journal Manager roles, go to the Journal Manager's "System Plugins" list, find the Jalali plugin, and enable it. The plugin is configured by default to present Jalali dates only when using the Farsi (fa_IR) locale.

Author: Mahmoud Saghaei and Alec Smecher
Software: OJS
Versions: 2.2.1+
Jalali plugin version 0.1
(4.83 KiB) Downloaded 953 times

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Re: OJS Plugin: Jalali calendar support

Postby legofish » Mon Sep 27, 2010 2:28 pm


First of all, thanks so much for creating this plugin, it works beautifully for me, except in one case.
Right now, the plugin seems to ignore the 'year' attribute of an issue.

For example, if I create a new issue, and select year, volume, and number for issue identification, and give them the values 2008, 14, 1, when I go to the 'Archives' in the fa_IR locale I see '2008' listed as the year, and not its Jalali equivalent which should be 1387.

So, while the plugin works well when dealing with the 'publish date' attribute, it doesn't seem to work for the 'year', and since 'year' is what is used to display journals in the 'Archives' page (or so it seems), I'm running into a bit of a problem.

Is there any possibility for a fix, or a workaround?

Thanks in advance.

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