Abstract Submittals Only

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Abstract Submittals Only

Postby lthurston » Sun Aug 17, 2008 1:52 pm

I am a developer considering PKP OCS as a solution for a client's Abstract Submittal needs for their conference. I understand that OCS is a complete system, able to manage many conference needs including the conference website itself. In our case, this would not be necessary. We only need an abstract submittal system. Would the OCS application be able to only do Abstract Submittals (and the tasks associated with it: review, etc)? The rest of conference tasks (registration being the biggie) would be handled by the CMS (with custom plugins).

If the answer is yes, then I'm curious whether:

a) single sign-on (http://single-signon.com/) has been implemented for OCS
b) whether OCS may be setup to accept payment at the time of abstract submittal

Any help is very appreciated.


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Re: Abstract Submittals Only

Postby mcrider » Sun Aug 17, 2008 11:34 pm

Hi Lucas,

Glad to see you are considering OCS to supplement your conference management needs... I think you'll find its a versatile application with a strong user community and dedicated development team--Plus its free! To answer your questions:
  • OCS can be configured to only accept and work with abstracts, with the option of also accepting full paper/multimedia submissions.
  • At the moment, I don't believe OCS supports anything like single sign on. However, it does support LDAP to synchronize accounts across multiple applications.
  • Users can be required to pay a signup fee (via paypal or manual payments) when they register as an author, i.e. when they submit an abstract.

You can demo OCS by visiting http://pkp.sfu.ca/ocs2/demo/testdrive/. The login is "admin" and the password is "testdrive". This installation will be regularly purged of all data, so please do not use it for anything other than making a short-term evaluation of the software.

Hope that helps, and let us know if you have any other questions.


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Re: Abstract Submittals Only

Postby lthurston » Mon Aug 18, 2008 6:56 am

Thanks Matt. The main thing I'm trying to determine is whether OCS can gracefully handle performing ONLY abstract submittal, with the rest of the features "turned off." My impression, having looked at the documentation (briefly), was of a complete system with interconnected and inseparable parts. What I need is just abstract submittal.

I think I must have said "only accept abstracts" in my original message but I should have been clearer.


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