Disabling "Full Text"

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Disabling "Full Text"

Postby patroos » Wed Nov 16, 2011 5:44 pm

This is my first post in the forum. Though I searched, I couldn't find a thread on that, if I did it right. I have been trying OJS for a year, and I have some problems with e-mail sytem, which never worked, and some issues with Turkish. But what I wish to ask something else in here.
I am trying to build an OJS site, which will not have a subscription system and the content will not be available for those other than the journal team. In OJS there are only three options under "Access to Journal Content". "OJS will not be used to publish the journal's contents online" could be my solution, but in this case journal team cannot access to the content as well.
The reason why we want is that we don't want make our journal appear as accessible through subscription, since it is already a print journal and and we do not wish to operate a subscription system (at least for a while). All I could do was to change the "subscribers only" link into "not available", it helped a bit but you can still click on it and go to the subscription page (where I actually wrote "subscription is not available", as I did on the main page page of the journal).
I couldn't find a way to disable subscription system and make the content available only for the editorial team and for those we may wish to give access or at least remove the "Full text: Subscribers only" after abstract.
I appreciate your comments.

Thank you very much.

Fatih Onur

URL: http://edergi.akdeniz.edu.tr/index.php/Gephyra/index
PS: I am a journal manager, not a site manager ( but from whom I can request to make me a site manager too).

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Re: Disabling "Full Text"

Postby jmacgreg » Tue Nov 22, 2011 9:25 pm

Hi Fatih,

I think the best solution in your case is two-fold:

1) restrict access to published content to only users who a registered account with your journal; and
2) restrict registration so that only Journal Managers can register users (so that no one will be able to visit your journal and register themselves).

You can configure both of these options under Journal Setup Step 4.1: see the "Additional Site and Article Access Restrictions" and "User Registration" sections.

Let us know if this is somehow not satisfactory.


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Re: Disabling "Full Text"

Postby patroos » Fri Nov 25, 2011 8:27 am

Hi James,
I made it like you said. The problem now is that online article submission is also disabled and contents of the issues (which I wish them to remain in order to inform people about the issues) became invisible to visitors. But anyway, I think it will not be a great problem after all, I will keep as it was with my solution for now.
thanks a lot and all the best

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