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Feedback on Plugin Proposal? Learning, Training, and Dev...

Postby mark » Mon Nov 16, 2009 12:50 am

At the request of John Willinsky and the Public Knowledge Project, I have prepared a proposal for a plugin called the OJS Learning, Training, and Professional Development Plugin and have posted it here. Community feedback would be greatly appreciated.

The purpose of the OJS Learning, Training, and Professional Development Plugin is to create mechanisms that support journal staff in learning how to navigate the many challenges that await them (whether they know about them or not) in journal publishing (e.g., journal marketing, journal financing, etc).

The purpose of the plugin is not to provide the actual learning material but rather to create the mechanisms with which a journal can gather and organize the materials that their staff need as well as help establishing social relationships that facilitate peer to peer learning.

Under the attached proposal, a journal with the OJS Learning, Training, and Professional Development Plugin would have the following features.

1. A Learning Library within the Journal
Each journal can build a series of library collections that includes references to articles/books about journal publishing (e.g., "Editors on Editing" by D. Gross). The Learning Library is accessible to all journal staff (e.g., Editors, Copy-Editors, etc.). A mechanism allows Journal Managers to import/export library collections to facilitate sharing between journals.

2. A Peer Network within the Journal
Each journal can build a network of peers whom they contact for support or for informal peer-to-peer learning.

3. A Mentor Board within the Journal
Each journal can build a board of publishing mentors who can advise them on aspects of publishing (e.g., promoting journals to potential authors).

4. Learning Groups within the Journal

Each journal can form learning groups from journal users, peers, and/or mentors. These learning groups communicate via e-mail and can be focused on a specific objective (e.g., learning to resolve technical headaches associated with journal production) for a fixed period of length (e.g., 6 weeks).

5. Professional Associations within the Journal
Each journal can keep a list of associations dedicated to journal publishing (e.g., Society for Scholarly Publishing, etc.) as well as associations unique to their discipline (sometimes academic associations have Special Interest Groups that focus for the journals within the association).

6. Advisory Notes within the Journal
Each journal's core staff (e.g., Journal Manager, Editor, Copy-Editor, etc.) can leave advisory notes or advisory documents for future staff. These notes are accessible within the role's homepage (e.g, Editor's home page) to increase the likelihood that the notes will be found by incoming staff.

What would be appreciated is if community members could provide comments to streamline this proposal and give it some lift. Some questions... Given the OJS architecture what is the feasibility of the proposed plugin? Would anyone like to see this developed? Would anyone like to help develop it?

Thank you for the on-going support in the Public Knowledge Project,

Mark Weiler
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