New frontpage engine with articles as they are published

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New frontpage engine with articles as they are published

Postby tarek » Tue Aug 04, 2009 5:40 pm

Hello all,

I don't believe I've seen discussion of this elsewhere, so I'd like to post a proposal here, and then hopefully get some feedback on implementation.

As it stands, Open Medicine has a publication model in which articles are made available as they are ready, instead of an issue at a time. Right now, this code happens manually through a modified issue.tpl in the templates directory. I would like to make it so that instead, the front page is automatically generated and involves the following:

"What's new in Open Medicine"
- The 3 or 5 most recently published articles

"Section headings" (e.g., Editorial, Research, etc)
- the 3 most recently published articles from each category, then a link to "more"

One question to ask is whether I should make this modification as a core patch against issue.tpl, or somehow implement it as a plugin. At the moment, I'm planning to explore the OJS API and see about doing this as a core patch, then pulling it out into a plugin later.

What do others think?

tarek : )

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