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Section Editor as a Reviewer

Postby chansen4 » Mon Aug 04, 2008 9:25 am

I need to make some customizations to OJS for the journal I am working with. I have posted many of my questions to these forums and people have been very helpful. If this post looks a lot like one I posted in the support forum I apologize, I didn't realize that I probably should have posted to this forum first.

The editorial workflow for our journal is such that the section editors don't make any final decisions on a submission. They manage the review process, make a review and recommendation themselves and then notify the journal editor when a submission is ready for a decision. I have already been able to make most of the required changes to the workflow (thanks to your support and recommendations).

The next thing I need to do is give the section editors the same review form as reviewers get as well as the same recommendation form. This is most simply done by adding the section editor as a reviewer on the submission as well. However, instead of depending on the section editors or editor to manually make this assignment, we would like it if when the editor assigns a section editor the submission the section editor is also assigned as a reviewer automatically.

The other hurtle I have to jump is when the section editor views the review section of an article, we don't want them to see themselves in the peer review section, but rather in the editor decision section. This requires that I be able to determine which reviewers are also section editors to the current submission.

Is this possible?
Has anyone done something like this?
Any suggestions?


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Re: Section Editor as a Reviewer

Postby jmacgreg » Tue Aug 05, 2008 11:06 am

Hi Chad,

This isn't currently possible with OJS; you would have to modify the templates at the very least, and possibly a bit of the underlying code as well. I'm wondering: is there any reason why you need to use the SE designation at all? What about having your editor take control of submissions as they come in, and assign Reviewers (formerly SE/Reviewers combined) to review an article? I am unclear why your reviewers need more control of an article than they naturally do already, unless (as I'm reading it) they also need to assign other reviewers.


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