Plugin Developement: Editorial/Review Board review

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Plugin Developement: Editorial/Review Board review

Postby ramon » Wed Apr 30, 2008 6:25 am

Hello PKP Team,

I'm sure I've mentioned this in previous posts and e-mail messages, but here's a new take on this.
My previous explanation of how this Editorial/Review Board plugin would work required too much code mods to be implemented as a plugin, because it would be a modification in the Editorial Process already defined, so here's another idea.
I hope it is more feasible as a plugin.

The plugin will need to do the following:
  1. Add additional roles to the system, being Editorial/Review Board members
  2. Allow Journal Manager to enroll users in these new roles
  3. Create additional pages listing the board members in About the Journal, with separate links and pages, instead of being displayed with all the about information, allowing ordering by any means (this could be accomplished by the custom roles listing already available, but if can be integrated, it would be nicer!)
  4. Add a link in the review process to "ADD Submission" to the review board list (usually after it's been approved!), which would be accessed by another link "VIEW Board list"
  5. Add a standard e-mail to all the Board Members notifying them that the list of approved journals is available for review and voting of articles for publishing, allowing the Journal Editor to send all the approved items at once to all the members. Currently, the Journal Manger would have to include each member as a reviewer in the process of each article, which is a cumbersome solution for this case.
  6. Display the list of submissions so that the Board can vote, maybe by ordering items like the Submission Checklist. The plugin will reorder the articles for the Editor automatically, separating with CSS styling of rows which articles should be published and which shouldn't, based on a number of articles defined in the plugin config. The Editor would have the final decision to send articles to copyediting or not. The list will allow comments from board members and the editor, as well as access to the other information and decision making somehow.
  7. Add another listing type in Submissions (Unassigned, in Review, in Board Review, in Editing)

These are the most important features I can think of now. This an important feature for OJS, as it would speed up things and really automate the process for the Jrounal Manager and especially the Editor.
if OJS could have groups, this could also work. I just thought of this as I write, meaning that if Groups are supported, then the Editor could create groups, and users and if needed, send articles at once for them to review, although the review process is not really changed.
Could a Plugin create and manage groups for the Editor to process reviews more dynamically?

I hope the text is clear, concise and detailed enough for you to discuss....


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