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Email as Username

Postby shimrah » Thu Jan 24, 2008 1:49 pm

Do you plan to add the option to use email as user name? If so, and the "use email as username" checkbox is checked in OJS setup, then it should hide the email field on the registration form and check the user name field for email address compliance + send a confirmation email to the entered address to confirm password.

We've found that this works (manually) if we replace the username in the database with an email, which leaves us with two questions:

1. OJS checks the username, on registration, for special characters (disallowing @). Is this the only place it's checked?

2. Once we replace the username, we have to reset the password. I assume that the password-encryption algorhithm, then, replies on the username. Is that algorithm posted somewhere in the forum?

3. We changed the database field for username to 90 characters, to fit all email addresses. Aside from this, is there anywhere else that this value might be truncated that you can think of offhand?

Thanks for your help,


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Re: Email as Username

Postby asmecher » Tue Jan 29, 2008 11:37 am

Hi Shimrah,

This is the first request we've had for this feature, but if we get a lot of requests for it we might merge it into the core. In the meantime, I'd suggest maintaining a modification like the one you're working on.

Usernames are validated in a few places:
  • classes/install/form/ (just for the installation user)
  • classes/manager/form/
  • classes/sectionEditor/form/
  • classes/user/form/
As for passwords, these are generated by hashing a combination of the username and password. See for a note on how these are generated.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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