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SWETS XML export plugin

Postby Chris_A » Thu Jun 28, 2007 3:02 pm


Is there much demand around for an export plugin that exports data in a format that can be used by SWETS (http://www.swets.com/web/show)

From talking to one of their representatives it seems that the PubMed export plugin is very close to the format they use, just missing the doi and full text location info.

How difficult would it be for someone with a bit of PHP savvy (I'm not one myself but I know pepople who can put me in touch with one) to adapt an existing plugin like the PubMed one to do the job. Would that be a major undertaking?


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Postby jalperin » Thu Jun 28, 2007 4:21 pm

If you have access to any PHP savvy person, it would be a very easy task.

I took the PubMed plugin and converted it to the CrossRef plugin (with a very different DTD) in an afternoon. You can probably figure it would take about that long.

Let us know if you decide to undertake this, and the end result!


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re: SWETS XML export plugin

Postby mj » Thu Jun 28, 2007 6:38 pm

Hi Chris,

We used to export SWETSwise content using the PubMed Journal Article DTD (the same as created by the OJS PubMed plugin) for JMIR, and as far as I know that was sufficient for their purposes. Although we did include DOIs for each article, there was no additional full text location info (as the journal is Open Access, and the DOI would point to the full article through CrossRef's resolver).

If you can provide more information from SWETS regarding what specifically is missing from the OJS PubMed plugin to make it compatible for their purposes, we'd be happy to include it in a future version of OJS.

Hope this helps,
MJ Suhonos
OJS Development Team

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Postby Chris_A » Fri Jun 29, 2007 2:13 am

Thanks Jalperin, very encouraging.

mj, the reply I got from the SWETS representative after sending him the PubMed XML was as follows:

We have discussed your header data and came to the conclusion that the PubMed version would be the best

In case you could add the DOI, it would be perfectly okay.

I cannot find a <fulltexturl></fulltexturl>, where you easily can put the link to the pdf at your site.

Can you add this as well in the Pubmed Format?

I've sent a revised XML file with those additions for approval but that was only yesterday evening, so a reply is still to arrive. It may be that the doi will prove sufficient after all (hopefully). I'll post an update when I get a response.


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