Reminder management needs improvement

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Are you satisfied with the way OJS2 handles reminders

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Reminder management needs improvement

Postby jmir » Fri Apr 06, 2007 8:31 am

For future developments please improve the reviewer/author/section editor reminder management.
For example, there should be different email templates for reviewer reminders at different stages (e.g. reviewer approached but not accepted/declined, first reminder, second reminder etc.).

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Postby asmecher » Fri Apr 06, 2007 10:03 am

Hi Gunther,

We're very careful not to introduce too many templates because of the number of permutations in OJS's configuration. For example, there is currently one reminder template for standard reviewer access and another for one-click reviewer access. Adding support for pre-accept and post-accept templates would double this to 4 templates; there are many additional options that are on par with these for their own templates, such as email-based versus web-based reviews. Each of these doubles the number of templates. We thought it best to keep the built-in templates as distilled as possible. However, adding additional logic for more templates is not complex; in classes/tasks/, for example, the template select code is:

Code: Select all

$email = &new ArticleMailTemplate($article, $reviewerAccessKeysEnabled?'REVIEW_REMIND_AUTO_ONECLICK':'REVIEW_REMIND_AUTO', null, false, $journal);
Breaking this out a little further, it's equivalent to:

Code: Select all

$templateName = $reviewerAccessKeysEnabled?'REVIEW_REMIND_AUTO_ONECLICK':'REVIEW_REMIND_AUTO';
$email = &new ArticleMailTemplate($article, $templateName, null, false, $journal);
The first line of these two chooses the email template. You could change this to include additional permutations, based on e.g. the value of:

Code: Select all

...which will evaluate to false if the review has not yet been accepted or declined.

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