PDF full-text indexing not working

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PDF full-text indexing not working

Postby atlopes » Thu Jul 19, 2012 9:19 am

Solved: upgrade from 2.3.6 to 2.3.7 (after running deeper in the forum...)

Hi, all.

I'm not being able to make the PDF full-text indexing work for our OJS installation.

I wrote a small php program to test if pdftotext is working properly. I tried to replicate, to the best of my knowledge, the OJS code that invokes the extractor. The test program is located at http://www.iuc-revistas.com/bin/info.php and goes like this:

Code: Select all


echo 'Safe mode status: ';
if (ini_get('safe_mode')) echo 'ON';
else echo 'OFF';

echo '<br />Mime type using mime_content_type function: ';
echo mime_content_type('/hsphere/local/home/revistasiuc/iuc-revistas.com/bin/test.pdf');

echo '<hr />Output from pdftotext:';
echo '<pre>';
$fp = popen('/hsphere/local/home/revistasiuc/bin/pdftotext/pdftotext /hsphere/local/home/revistasiuc/iuc-revistas.com/bin/test.pdf','r');
echo fgets($fp,4096);
echo '</pre>';


pdftotext is actually a wrapper that invokes the real program:

Code: Select all

/hsphere/local/home/revistasiuc/bin/pdftotext/pdftotext.script -enc UTF-8 -nopgbrk $1 -

I set the PDF index entry in the search section of the configuration files this way:

Code: Select all

index[application/pdf] = "/hsphere/local/home/revistasiuc/bin/pdftotext/pdftotext %s"

Nevertheless, the PDF documents are not being indexed.

When I run the rebuildSearchIndex tool in my Windows box, against a local replica of our site, I can recreate the index for the articles files, but I'm stuck to make it work in the web installation and at publication time.

Is there anything I am missing here?

Thanks in advance,

António Lopes

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