Making homepage title image 'clickable'

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Making homepage title image 'clickable'

Postby davidmmorris » Mon Apr 16, 2012 12:20 am

[Apologies for reposting, the first was in the wrong forum]

I would like for visitors to be able to click on the journal header and have them return to the homepage. I have tried to identify where the call for :

<img src="" width="900" height="90" style="border: 0;" alt="">

is coming from but unable to find the code or file, I guess I need that to make it click-able.

I tried a few years ago and gave up, being forced to upgrade OJS and redo the site I thought I would have another shot.



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Re: Making homepage title image 'clickable'

Postby JasonNugent » Tue Apr 17, 2012 3:53 am

Hi David,

That image URL won't actually be in the code, which is probably why you couldn't find it. It's generated dynamically using a few template variables. What version of OJS are you using? In 2.3.7, the header logo code is found on line 100 of lib/pkp/templates/common/header.tpl. Keep in mind that if you modify that template, you'll need to persist that change if you ever upgrade OJS -- it will be overwritten otherwise.


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Re: Making homepage title image 'clickable'

Postby davidmmorris » Sat Jul 14, 2012 12:30 pm

Thanks for replying, I have been trying all sorts. Yes, line 100 in the relevant header.tpl is where I have started.
Okay, I thought I could add the following line and make the headertitle clickable to home. I have tried to put it after several pieces of code but still not joy.

<a href="{$baseUrl/index.php}"><img src="{$HeaderTitle}></a>

1. Is this code likely to work?
2. Where in the section would I place it, I have left it just following the <div id="header">?

Code: Select all

<div id="header">
<div id="headerTitle">

<a href="{$baseUrl/index.php}"><img src="{$HeaderTitle}></a>


{if $displayPageHeaderLogo && is_array($displayPageHeaderLogo)}
   <img src="{$publicFilesDir}/{$displayPageHeaderLogo.uploadName|escape:"url"}" width="{$displayPageHeaderLogo.width|escape}" height="{$displayPageHeaderLogo.height|escape}" {if $displayPageHeaderLogoAltText != ''}alt="{$displayPageHeaderLogoAltText|escape}"{else}alt="{translate key="common.pageHeaderLogo.altText"}"{/if} />
{if $displayPageHeaderTitle && is_array($displayPageHeaderTitle)}
   <img src="{$publicFilesDir}/{$displayPageHeaderTitle.uploadName|escape:"url"}" width="{$displayPageHeaderTitle.width|escape}" height="{$displayPageHeaderTitle.height|escape}" {if $displayPageHeaderTitleAltText != ''}alt="{$displayPageHeaderTitleAltText|escape}"{else}alt="{translate key="common.pageHeader.altText"}"{/if} />
{elseif $displayPageHeaderTitle}
{elseif $alternatePageHeader}
{elseif $siteTitle}

Thanks for an excellent piece of software, it has served well for a few years now.

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