Renaming of Users / Deleting Users? direct mysql manipulati

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Renaming of Users / Deleting Users? direct mysql manipulati

Postby iaw4 » Mon Sep 13, 2010 7:50 am

I have to change the naming scheme of users my system. Fortunately, I still have few enough users to be able to do this by hand. Alas, what is a good way to do this for 100 users?

I could go into the mysql data base and change the user id's. in a sense, this would be easiest, but I am worried that OJS uses the user name as a key elsewhere, and that this would totally hose my OJS system. can this be done?

I could retype every user's information into a new user, then merge it, and then double check that the merge was right. I would need to copy the required fields only. Rather inconvenient, but doable.

is direct mysql modification safe?



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Re: Renaming of Users / Deleting Users? direct mysql manipulati

Postby mcrider » Mon Sep 13, 2010 11:29 am

Hi iaw,

This should be fine, but you'll also have to change the passwords as the password is based on a hash of the username + the password. So in each case you change the username, you have to issue

Code: Select all

UPDATE users SET password=md5(concat('(new username')', '(new password goes here)')) WHERE username='(old username)';

Make sure you make a backup of your DB and do some tests to make sure your changes work alright.


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