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Quick Submit Plugin

Postby jamief » Tue Apr 20, 2010 9:38 am

Hi all.

When using the quick submit plugin, to rapidly bring, for example, a large number of back issues into OJS for the first time, I have a serious issue related to the way the database can use the entries. This is especially important about authors. If in issue number 1, for example, there is author John Doe, and then later, in issue 10, we find another article by the same John Doe, how do I ensure that OJS understands that this is the same John Doe?

John Doe hasn't entered in the system yet, because we are just now builiding it up, but later, when I go online, I want to register John Doe, or invite him to register when he submits a third unpublished article. Once he is registered, I realize my problems are over, every future article gets associated with him because he logs in before he submits. But in the quick submit we bypass this process. We manually name the authors etc.

Anyone encountered this and have any tricks I might use so that when a user clicks on Search by Author, s/he doesn't get a list of articles each one looking like different authors all named John Doe, but rather, John Doe's articles are all properly linked under his ONE name?

I built up a series of some 20 issues for a journal. In this journal there are some people who have published 12 times. For some reason, we see their work as a list of 12 articles, each with their name. In others, somehow, without knowing how, I get an author listed ONCE with his 5 articles. What field is the quick submit depending on to data relate authors?

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Re: Quick Submit Plugin

Postby swing » Wed Apr 21, 2010 5:57 am

Hi jamief,
I am not sure if the quick submit plugin is doing something different, but I think the author metadata have to be the same for each article in general, in order for OJS to recognize them as one, the same author. Thus, the metadata of John Doe in your example should be exactly the same for each submitted article (no matter who submits it).
OJS distinguishes between a submitter and an author. Also, authors metadata are connected to an article and not an userId. Thus, the same problem could also exist in the case when the author submits an article: The submitter metadata will be automatically displayed/taken for the first author in the submission step 2. If the affiliation, for example, has changed and is not the same to the author's earlier affiliations (associated with his/her earlier publications), there will be two authors with the same name but different affiliations.
You can check the duplicate authors by browsing by author -- authors with the same name but different metadata will be displayed several times one below the other. You could then go to the appropriate articles and correct the author metadata, if necessary.

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Re: Quick Submit Plugin

Postby htimsxela » Mon Apr 08, 2013 1:03 pm

I am running into this same problem and would like clarification, please. I am uploading 40 years worth of back issues. Following the previous comments, I've made certain that names and affiliations are consistent in the meta-data. No problem until an author from a back issue article updates his/her current author data for future issues. Now I have two entries for this author, one with the consistent back issue information and now one with their current information. (Eg. Stanley Vance was at Oregon University for earlier issues in 1974, 1975. When he created his author account, he was still at Oregon University. Now he is moving to Illinois University. So when he updates his author information, future searches by author now lists 2 Stanley Vances, one from Oregon and one from Illinois. Is there a way to combine/update the older information? I note that the merge user process doesn't recognize authors that I've uploaded through the quick submit process?

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Re: Quick Submit Plugin

Postby asmecher » Mon Apr 08, 2013 2:27 pm

Hi htimsxela,

That behavior is consistent with the current design of OJS and not unintentional. (The "browse by authors" list disambiguates by name, country, and institution.) In the future, when we add support for author IDs such as Orcid, we'll have more flexibility in linking authors who may have differing identifying information.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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