Umlauts in

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Umlauts in

Postby adrianvosskuehler » Wed May 27, 2009 1:08 am

Dear Developers,

we are using OJS for about 1 Year now and it is great. Some things needed to be adapted for our needs and I would like to provide our adaptions for further development. They concern a few things and there is a file (see the attached patch to the ojs-2.2.3-0 revision in the cvs) which may find some revisited way into the reposititory if they are for interest for other users as well.

1. Sending mail to authors or from editors with umlauts in their names (like mine: Adrian Voßkühler <>) the 'ß' and 'ü' failed. We need to change the mail header in and add some functions in

2. We needed the articles at the issues pages sorted by pages not by section, so we added a getPublishedArticlesByPages method in the

3. We added a section search at the navigation plugin block by adding a getPublishedArticleIdsSectionizedByJournal analog to the getPublishedArticleIdsAlphabetizedByJournal method in the PublishedArticleDAO. See for the new:

Code: Select all

/* Show index of published articles by sections. */
function sections($args) { ... }

4. In the we needed email templates adapted to first or second review round and a template for the emailEditorDecisionComment.

5. The webfeed and anouncement feed plugins had no readable names when choosing them in our feed reader, so we added a title tag to the $feedUrl1:
title="'.Locale::translate('plugins.generic.announcementfeed.titleAtom').'" with adding the strings to the locale.xml

Hope this adaptions could be useful for the community, would love to see some of them in the next release.

Thanks in advance
Adrian Voßkühler
Freie Universiät Berlin
Journal PhyDid
Patch to ojs-2.2.3-0
(9.55 KiB) Downloaded 24 times

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Re: Umlauts in

Postby swing » Thu May 28, 2009 2:44 am

hi adrian,

could you also provide sectionIndex.tpl?

thanks! :-)

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Re: Umlauts in

Postby adrianvosskuehler » Wed Jun 03, 2009 6:45 am

Hi swing,

of course, sorry forgetting it to include in the patch.
It is attached along with all the other changed files, note the new references plugin to announce recent or most read articles.

Files changed in ojs 2.2.3 to match our needs.
(129.55 KiB) Downloaded 23 times

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