Displaying all ToC from a Volume

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Displaying all ToC from a Volume

Postby chameleon2011 » Wed Jun 14, 2006 10:41 pm

Target ouput:


Current code in archive.tpl

Code: Select all

<select name="VolumeNav" onchange="MM_jumpMenu('parent',this,0)">
          <option>Jump to Volume...</option>
          <option value="past_vol_1.php">1 - (1998)</option>
          <option value="past_vol_2.php">2 - (1999)</option>
          <option value="past_vol_3.php">3 - (2000)</option>
          <option value="past_vol_4.php">4 - (2001)</option>
          <option value="past_vol_5.php">5 - (2002)</option>
          <option value="past_vol_6.php">6 - (2003)</option>
          <option value="past_vol_7.php">7 - (2004)</option>
          <option value="past_vol_8.php">8 - (2005)</option>
          <option value="past_vol_9.php">9 - (2006)</option>

{iterate from=issues item=issue}
   {if $issue->getYear() != $lastYear}
      {if !$notFirstYear}
         {assign var=notFirstYear value=1}
         <br />
         <div class="separator"></div>
      {assign var=lastYear value=$issue->getYear()}

   <div class="issuePubDetails">

      <a href="{url op="view" path=$issue->getBestIssueId($currentJournal)}">

   </div> <!-- issuePubDetails -->
   {include file="issue/issue.tpl"}

The select box will hopefully one day be dynamically generated by OJS, but I'm hoping to be able to use the issue template to show the ToC for each issue displayed on the archives page for a given year (volume).

Is there a variable I need to set before I include the issue.tpl file and re-iterate through the loop for the next issue in the volume?

Current output (only one issue at the moment):


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