harvester, LOC, and BagIt

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harvester, LOC, and BagIt

Postby sgroote » Thu Apr 28, 2011 10:57 am

We are using Bag-it to send the content of one of our journals (First Monday) to LOC. Our OAI harvester is working but we have to manually get the content (individual articles). Has someone successfully written a file/ plug-in that says to get all the files coming from a particular date for a journal. Right now, we are pulling articles up manually with the URI, but we could do this more automatically with the OAI because the OAI harvester should let us send a verb.

If you go to http://frodo.lib.uic.edu/ojsjournals/index.php/fm/oai and click on ListIdentifiers and scroll to the bottom, you'll see for example, the March issue, identifiable by publishing date. The question is how can we grab all the articles at one time that have the same publishing date using the OAI instead of having to click individually on each article to grab the content for Bag-It. Is there a plug-in that someone has developed or will someone develop one soon as this is likely to become a growing issue for those journals working with LOC. Below is LOC's requirements

Thanks for any help or direction,

A. Is it possible for you to provide the following? :

1. The nlm-issue.xml file (for full XML)

2. The OJS-issue.xml file for the issue.

3. The OJS export file format for the HTML for each article separately.

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Re: harvester, LOC, and BagIt

Postby michael » Sat May 07, 2011 11:08 am

Hi Sandy,

There isn't anything in OJS at this time that supports automatic BagIt deposit into LOC other than manually putting together a package along the lines of your workflow.

At first glance, it should be possible to automate or semi-automate this process via a plugin that pulled in issue and article metadata and contents into a BagIt container. This would likely need to be independent of OAI (i.e. stand-alone plugin) and it could be integrated with cron scheduling on the server (i.e. check for newly published content, prepare bags for deposit).

At this point, however, we'll need to investigate the LOC requirements in more detail to get a better sense of the feasibility of something like this.

Please do keep us in the loop in terms of new developments or emerging requirements in this area.


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