data-grabbing & mining - need script-help

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data-grabbing & mining - need script-help

Postby ethno_researcher » Sun Jul 23, 2006 2:50 am

hello alll

this is probably one of the best places to ask such questions. so i do it now. you folks are a very experienced man in Harvest-issues. I found this site throug google.

First of - i have to explain something; I have to grab some data out of a phpBB in order to do some field reseach. I need the data out of a forum that is runned by a user community. I need the data to analyze the discussions.

to give an example - let us take this forum here. How can i grab all the data out of this forum - and get it local and then after wards put it in a local database - of a phpBB-forum - is this possible"?!"? to give an example - let us take this forum here - am i able to grabb and harvest data out of this forum here. How can i do that.

What i have in mind - Nothing harmeful - nothing bad - nothing serious and dangerous. But the issue is. i have to get the data - so what?

I need to to take out forum messages and other data (foum topics, users) into database. Purpose: create forum copy for text analysis. Does anyone have approximate solution?

It is needed to get data through HTTP for further analysis - in need to get the data through HTTP and put it into CSV - in order to get a dump that can fill a local database of a phpBB-board.

I need the data in a allmost full and complete formate. So i need all the data like

username .-
text of the posting and so on and so on.

how to do that?

i need some kind of a grabbing tool - can i do it with that kind of tool. How do i sove the storing-issue into the local mysql-database.

Well you see that is a tricky work - and i am pretty sure taht i am getting help here. So for any and all help i am very very thankful

many many thanks in advance

- a Ethno-reseracher

btw - you can contact me via

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Postby asmecher » Sun Jul 23, 2006 6:50 pm

Hi ethno_researcher,

See viewtopic.php?p=3418#3418 for a response.

Alec Smecher
Open Journal Systems Team

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