Patches 4887 and 2428[PKP] do not apply to OCS 2.3.3-1

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Patches 4887 and 2428[PKP] do not apply to OCS 2.3.3-1

Postby ramon » Fri Jun 03, 2011 11:21 am

Hello all,

According to bug #4887, this patch should apply to OCS 2.3.x versions.
However, it does apply only part of the patch.

The part that does not apply refers to ocs2/plugins/generic/customBlockMananger/
My ocs2 file states near line 30:

Code: Select all

         * Get the management plugin
         * @return object
        function &getManagerPlugin() {
                $plugin =& PluginRegistry::getPlugin('generic', 'CustomBlockManagerPlugin');
                return $plugin;

And near line 195:

Code: Select all

         * Get the name of this plugin. The name must be unique within
         * its category.
         * @return String name of plugin
        function getName() {
                return $this->blockName . 'CustomBlockPlugin';

The patch file states:

Code: Select all

@@ -37,6 +37,15 @@ class CustomBlockPlugin extends BlockPlugin {
                $plugin =& PluginRegistry::getPlugin('generic', $this->parentPluginName);
                return $plugin;
+       /**
+        * Get the symbolic name of the plugin.
+        * @return string
+        */
+       function getName() {
+               return $this->blockName;
+       }

The other patch that is not being applied is patch for bug 6248.
There's no comment folder on the PKP lib in my OCS 2.3.3.-1 and the code in ocs2/classes/comment/ is different, as I mention in my reply to this post.

Any ideas?

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