OCS Notify Users email without recipient address

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OCS Notify Users email without recipient address

Postby JohnGrobler » Sun Sep 19, 2010 7:37 am

Good day,

In OCS, we've found that when trying to use the "Notify Users" page ([url.com]/index.php/[conference]/[conf]/director/notifyUsers):

When trying to send an email notification to all users without selecting any filters (All users associated with this conference, All readers, etc not selected) on the Home > [conference] > User > Email page, the emails are transmitted as expected. But when selecting a filter such as "All published presenters" on this same page, no emails will be delivered. It seems that the generated email To address field is blank for all published presenters emails.

After code inspection we've found the following, which seems to be the cause of the problem, can you please confirm if this is a bug:

In /classes/paper/AuthorDAO.inc.php, the email address is set as a blank string for the allAuthors filter selection.

Code: Select all

                $result =& $this->retrieveRange(
                        'SELECT        DISTINCT CAST(\'\' AS CHAR) AS url,
                                0 AS author_id,
                                0 AS paper_id,
                                CAST(\'\' AS CHAR) AS email,
                                CAST(\'\' AS CHAR) AS biography,
                                0 AS primary_contact,
                                0 AS seq,
                                aa.first_name AS first_name,
                                aa.middle_name AS middle_name,
                                aa.last_name AS last_name,
                                aa.affiliation AS affiliation,
                                aa.country FROM paper_authors aa,
                                papers a,
                                published_papers pa,
                                sched_confs e
                        WHERE        e.sched_conf_id = pa.sched_conf_id
                                AND aa.paper_id = a.paper_id
                                ' . (isset($schedConfId)?'AND a.sched_conf_id = ? ':'') . '
                                AND pa.paper_id = a.paper_id
                                AND a.status = ' . STATUS_PUBLISHED . '
                                AND (aa.last_name IS NOT NULL
                                AND aa.last_name <> \'\')' . $initialSql . ' ORDER BY aa.last_name, aa.first_name',

Thank you,
John Grobler

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Re: OCS Notify Users email without recipient address

Postby mcrider » Mon Sep 27, 2010 5:32 pm

Hi John,

This looks to have been fixed by http://pkp.sfu.ca/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=5491. Could you apply the patch there and see if that fixes your issue?


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