URGENT: Abstract ID and Name in review form

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URGENT: Abstract ID and Name in review form

Postby Kirstensuhr » Sun Dec 20, 2009 7:35 am

Hi guys

I have a review process about to begin with the and we have customized the review form, super feature!!!

BUT We have a problem:
Our track directors fear that the reviewers will print out the abstract from the e-mail they receive and read it on paper. There is then a good chance that they might open the wrong review from and therefor give in the wrong review. We can avoid this if the system automatically transport the abstract/paper ID and title into the form.

Can we transport abstract ID and abstract title into the review form?

From where can you go in and modify the review form?
and what are the variables that identify the abstract ID and the abstract title?

If you can tell me I might be able to have Klaus work on it before Christmas.

Please don't hesitate to give exact code directions so he can find it, he seem to be using to much time finding variables, instead for coding :-)

best Kirsten

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Re: URGENT: Abstract ID and Name in review form

Postby mcrider » Sat Dec 26, 2009 9:26 am

Hi Kirsten,

This is simple enough to do by editing a couple files. First, open classes/submission/form/ReviewFormResponseForm.inc.php, and around line 75, right before parent::display(); is called, insert this code:

Code: Select all

$paperDao =& DAORegistry::getDAO('PaperDAO');
$paper =& $paperDao->getPaper($reviewAssignment->getPaperId());
$templateMgr->assign('paperTitle', $paper->getPaperTitle());

Then, open templates/submission/reviewForm/reviewFormResponse.tpl and insert the {$paperId} and {$paperTitle} variables wherever you want them to be displayed (e.g. above the <h3> tag). Let us know if there are any difficulties with that.


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