Removing index.php

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Removing index.php

Postby spacedman » Tue Aug 05, 2008 11:37 am

I'm trying to tidy up our URLs for our OCS deployment by removing the index.php word. There's some things on the OJS forum about this but no definitive answer. And I can't get them to work with my OCS...

Setup is: OCS 2.1.0-1 living in /var/www/ocs-2.1.0-1/ ; Apache 2; Ubuntu 8.04.

Apache is configured with /var/www/ocs-2.1.0-1 as its DocumentRoot, so that a URI of / gets the index.php, as does /index.php. Everything works fine, except the omnipresent index.php. So step one is the rewrite module...

For the Foo series of conferences (The '08 instance of which is being held in Bar), I simply want to have URLs as follows:

I've tried all sorts of apache rewrite stuff gleaned from OJS threads but nothing seems to work right. There was also mention of a patch to cookie handling in one thread which might have been necessary. Does anyone have a simple recipe for making this work? Seems a common use-case. I'd post my apache config file but it doesn't work and would only confuse people at the moment....

Step two would be setting base_url[Foo] in the OCS config, but that's something I suspect I need to do when I've got the rewrite working.

I've got apache2's RewriteMod configured and working (I know this because in my fiddlings I've created rewrite loops). I probably need to very carefully read the documentation. But that session cookie problem nags at me, and if someone else has cracked this... Pleeeeeease!!



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