Immediate Open Access possible for some papers but not all?

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Immediate Open Access possible for some papers but not all?

Postby janer » Mon Mar 25, 2013 2:26 am

We are a UK-based journal multi-disiplinary journal, publishing papers from the UK and around the world. We have recently introduced a subscription regime linked to Membership of a learned society, in order to raise some of the funds needed to continue publishing - we run a 12-month delay system for access to published papers for all other readers.

Many of the papers originating from the UK are about research funded through grants from the national Research Councils, or large charitable foundations. The Research Councils and one of the largest biomedical research foundations are soon introducing a requirement for immediate open access for any papers funded or part-funded by them, and although there may be an interim period to allow publishers to adjust, this still means that we need to plan now on how to comply in future.

As part of the discussion, it has been suggested that there could be the possibility that individual papers could be designated as open-access within an issue, with the majority not being so-designated - apparently private publishers are already adopting such a 'mixed' regime. A second suggestion is that of the issues published in a year (currently we publish three a year) one of those could be immediately open-access, whereas the others could still have the delay period for access.

As far as I am aware, neither of these options are currently available under OJS - but are there any plans to introduce such facilities into the basic OJS package via upgrades within the next 12 months please?

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Re: Immediate Open Access possible for some papers but not a

Postby vgabler » Wed Apr 17, 2013 2:02 pm

My understanding is that OJS currently controls access on an issue-by-issue basis, rather than on the article level. So, this would work well with your idea of having one issue per year be Open Access while having the other issues be delayed access. This is controlled in the "issue data" section when you create an issue (and can be changed at any time). You could keep the Open Access issue open and add to it over time while still publishing the other issues in complete form alongside of it. You'd just have to decide which one you'd want to set as the Current Issue. You could even keep the most recent subscription issue as the current issue and then add a link to the Open Access issue to the navigation bar (in Step 5.5 of the Setup pages) with a descriptive link title to highlight both types of content.

If you have any additional questions/ideas, please feel free to respond.

All best,
Vanessa Gabler

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