OJS for thesis/dissertation examination

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OJS for thesis/dissertation examination

Postby mgregson » Tue Dec 04, 2012 10:43 pm

Some people at QUT are interested in using OJS for managing the review of theses/dissertations for post-gradate students. The workflow for examination of theses here is similar to the journal review and acceptance workflow. In particular, a thesis has a number of reviewers who provide feedback, resulting in a decision of acceptance, acceptance with changes, or re-examination. Access controls are important and OJS implements these in the appropriate way for this use case. Obviously the OJS workflow goes further than reviewing and the additional steps are not required, nor would the majority of the website functionality. Also, I think significant customisation would be needed to create a seamless thesis-oriented user experience rather than confusing thesis/journal experience.

Is anyone using OJS for thesis/dissertation examination? We'd be very interested in hearing you experiences.


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Re: OJS for thesis/dissertation examination

Postby ramon » Wed Dec 05, 2012 5:22 am

Hello Mark,

We are using OJS to register AND publish IBICT personnel's participation in events.
This is a bit different than OCS as it refers to meetings, going to outside events not necessarily hosted or organized by IBICT, presentations, visits from other organizations and other internal employee events.
We want to register (all), store (all) and publish (selected) media from each event. For example, IBICT every year participates in the Week of Science and Technology Fair, with a stand presenting its services and promoting workshops in many areas. These events are recorded, but not accessible, so we want to provide that access.

OJS was the software of choice because we want a repository to store this data, and had many issues with DSpace.

I personally think a CMS, in our case would be a simpler and faster solution, but OJS is promoted by the institution, so it's being customized to fit the needs.

Each "event" is set as a Journal, and each area is testing it to identify what customizations they want. Then, these will be analyzed to see if they are feasible.

I'm working on implementing a JWPlayer or other Lightbox/Media Gallery plugin to simplify the viewing of the published event media.
We'll also need to customize each "event"'s translation to remove all calls to "journal" and related terms for something else.

It's still under work and it's not high priority, but it's an interesting case.

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