Cancelling an Automated Review Reminder

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Cancelling an Automated Review Reminder

Postby janer » Mon Oct 15, 2012 2:18 am


We have our first stage review reminder period (ie the period following the sending of the initial review request by an Editor) set at 7 days. Recently, a couple of potential reviewers, who had responded to the request by sending an query to the Editor outside of the system, have been annoyed to receive an Automated Review Reminder. In their eyes they had responded, although the only person who knew this was the particular Editor, as it was not logged on the system, and they were .

Trying to prevent reviewers from feeling harassed would be a good idea, but as our system stands at present, I can't see that there is any way to suppress an automated reminder for a particular reviewer is there? I certainly don't want to disturb the basic system of Automated Reminders, which it took us so long to get working properly!

As a supplementary point, the Automated email goes out with the name of our overall Editor added in at the bottom - (as Principal Contact). This also confuses authors, as of course the initial email to them came from the particular editor dealing with that paper. Is there any way of automatically inserting the same editorial name please?

Thanks as ever,


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Re: Cancelling an Automated Review Reminder

Postby aleskl » Thu Oct 25, 2012 5:44 am

The same wish was also expressed by our editor a few days ago. I explained that it's not possible, but now I see that this feature would be appreciated by other editors too.

So, is it feasible to add an automated reminder preference for individual reviewers, either as a flag in their profile, or a setting with the individual article, preferably for each reviewer separately, eg. an on/off switch "Disable auto reminders / Enable auto reminders"?


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Re: Cancelling an Automated Review Reminder

Postby jmacgreg » Sun Oct 28, 2012 5:56 pm

Hi folks,

You can somewhat suppress those reminders by using the "acting as reviewer" options available to editors in the Review page -- namely, you can click the "will do review"/"won't do review" options to indicate the reviewer will/won't do the review; and if the reviewer emails you separately, within the due date and with the review, you can mark that review as complete in the system. This of course won't kick in if you forget to initiate/complete the review on behalf of the reviewer, or if the reviewer is late in notifying you outside of the system about the state of the review.


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