How might authors read text, not uploaded, reviews?

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How might authors read text, not uploaded, reviews?

Postby sjones » Sun Apr 23, 2006 6:10 pm

I may be missing something really fundamental, so I apologize in advance if I am doing so.

From what I can tell, reviewers can do three things:

1. Enter or paste a review into a text box to be seen by editors ("for editor").
2. Enter or paste a review into a text box to be seen by authors and/or editors ("for author and editor").
3. Upload a file that the section editor allows or disallows authors to see.

However, it would seem that authors are only able to see uploaded files, and not the contents of reviews that reviewers have entered or pasted in and have designated. For uploaded files there is a check box labeled "Let author view file," but there appears to be no such thing for text-only reviews.

How can I allow authors to read reviews that have no uploaded files associated with them?

Thanks in advance,

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Postby John » Mon Apr 24, 2006 11:06 am

Editors are able to import the reviewer's Review (i.e., text typed or pasted in the comments box) into the Notify Author correspondence in Editor Decision on the submission's Review page. There is a Import Peer Review button in the email to the author. Editors can edit these comments before sending, and refer to files uploaded, etc.

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