Some questions

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Some questions

Postby Edemar » Tue Mar 22, 2011 11:53 am

Dear Sir,

We have doubts on the following procedures, which we were not able to
clarify at the forum:

1) Is it possible to create an archive page in the OJS in table format
instead of the standard format page (home > archives), as in the link, ... en&nrm=iso?
Is there a plugin to do this?

2) How can we select and export (send) more than one article of our search results?
For example, if my search results are 200 articles, but I would like to
select and export 80 articles (references) in different formats by
sending them for printing or to an e-mail or to my references manager,
how could I do that?

3) In the copyediting section, in system customization, do we have the
option of not allowing the author to have access to the text in this
section, but only in the proofreading section, since most peer-reviewed
journals in the agricultural sciences area do not allow the access of
authors at this stage? If this is not a possibility, I would like to
suggest including this procedure in the next versions of the system.

4) How should we proceed so that when we cancel an archive submission of
an unassigned article the system automatically generates a message with
the e-mail address of all co-authors and not only of the corresponding



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Re: Some questions

Postby jmacgreg » Sun Mar 27, 2011 6:49 pm

Hi Edemar,

Regarding question one: There is no plugin to do this currently; you would have to manually edit the archive template file (which is templates/issue/archive.tpl).

Regarding question two: There is no way to do this currently; but if you provide a use case, we'd be happy to consider it as a feature request.

Regarding question three: just to be clear, is it the copyediting section that authors typically don't have access to? We are looking at making these workflow steps more configurable in the future, so I would say that eventually what you are looking for will exist.

Regarding question four: that would require a code modification. If you have developers on your team, we can certainly suggest where to start looking through the code.


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