Migration from BMC to SE platform (problem)

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Migration from BMC to SE platform (problem)

Postby drsills » Sun Feb 21, 2010 6:11 am

Dear PKP group,

As an editor reading the prior posts here, I can already tell I am way out of my depth in programming, code and computer science. But, here goes.

Our little journal (JECAR) was launched in 2004 under BioMed Central. When BMC ceased to publish JECAR in 2008, we moved the journal to SE -- which started out OK. However, the formatting of our published articles on the "Archive" page of the SE site is slightly different than what BMC had used, in this small but significant way:

The citations for our papers lists YEAR;volume:issue number. BMC did it this way -- YEAR;volume:article number [page numbers are not for citation purposes]

This variance in citation style has been THE reason no JECAR publications have been accessioned into PMC since we switched publishers. Its a migration issue that, thus far, has totally cripled us because our papers can't get into PubMed Central until this is resolved. Understandable, our authors have not been happy about this and our editorial board is questioning the wisdom of going w/SE in the first place. I would appreciate any insights regarding how this can be changed...it's probably a simple thing but just need some guidance.

Thank you VERY MUCH !!

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Re: Migration from BMC to SE platform (problem)

Postby jmacgreg » Wed Feb 24, 2010 5:59 pm

Hi Scott,

You can set up the Archive's default issue identification format in Journal Setup Step 4.2, under "format", this only sets the default for future isseus, and you may have to go through your back issues' Issue Data pages as an Editor and check the formats there as well.

I'm afraid I'm not quite following you regarding citation style. Are you using the Pubmed XML export plugin supplied by OJS? Can you give me more information exactly where the issue is happening, even by explaining your previous workflow as compared to your current (even if broken) worflow?


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