Can I sort the journal issues manually?

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Can I sort the journal issues manually?

Postby Marc » Thu Sep 15, 2005 8:23 am

Hi people!

I'm importing XML data with the import/export XML plug-in into my OJS 2.0.1.
If the XML files are down to, more or less, 5 thousand lines the importation goes right, but if the files are biggest the importation stops without showing anything and the importation is partial.

My easy solution was splitting the file. I've splitted one of 15000 lines in three
files and I've imported its (with the same order as the original file).

I achieve to import correctly all of data but the archives are not correctly sorted.

Can I sort the journal issues manually?

Thanks a lot!!


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Re: Can I sort the journal issues manually?

Postby asmecher » Fri Sep 16, 2005 3:33 pm

Hi Marc,

The reason you're having to split your import into different files is probably that OJS needs more memory than PHP is allowing -- see memory_limit in "php.ini". You should be able to confirm that this is the problem by looking at your server logs.

OJS 2.0.2 no longer uses the DOMXML library for XML import/export; this should cut down on memory requirements somewhat. If not, try increasing memory_limit in "php.ini".

Issues are sorted by year, volume, and number (in that order), with the current issue always appearing first on the list. You can change the issue ordering by assigning appropriate year, volume, and number information in the Editor's interface.


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