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Site URL Configuration Change

Postby bnedbal » Mon Aug 15, 2005 8:53 pm

We have a situation where we have two separate journals just getting started on 2.0. We also have one journal on 1.1.9. Based on a number of conversations we thought we would end up doing unique customizations for a few of the journals which initially made us believe separate installs for each would be the wise choice. This has since changed.

The journal farthest down the road in using OJS is AERJ-SIA. See the URL below.
Here's what we'd like to do and want to know if is possible:

Modify the URL from:


The part of the URL we want to change is called the site repository within the Site Administration function which would effect other folders such as the files_dir.

These changes appear possible in the file but it's not clear if they'll render the site inoperable. Can we do so without having to do a completely new installation and data migration?

Thanks for your assistance,

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