Can't Upload Documents

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Can't Upload Documents

Postby elmborg » Wed May 25, 2005 9:10 am

Experiementing with OJS, we're finding that uploading documents through the submission function fails without error messages. It appears that all is working fine. The system assigns an internal I.D. to the document, but the file isn't actually uploaded and trying to retrieve it through the system opens an empty file.

My first thought was permissions are wrong on the upload folder, and sure enough, when I re-run install.php, I give it the location /home/ojs/journal_files/ as the working directory, and at the final step, it tells me the directory is not writeable. The correct directory exists and is correctly named in this message. I have done chmod 777 -R on the directory and even changed the owner to apache. No luck. The system still sees the directory as unwriteable. Could be something simple, but I sure can't see it.

I"m running ojs on Fedora Core 3 Linux. In all other ways, the software behaves beautifully.

Any advice much appreciated,
Jim Elmborg

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Postby kevin » Wed May 25, 2005 8:15 pm

Check the permissions on the parent directories (i.e., /home/ojs). The parent directories of a directory need to be at least world-executable (read/write is unnecessary) for that directory to be accessible (assuming the parent directories are not owned by the Apache user, else substitute user/group executable).

The only other thing that comes to mind are PHP's safe mode restrictions, which can also restrict access to directories outside of the Apache documents tree.

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