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Postby obeiki » Sat May 07, 2005 7:31 am

Is OJS 2 released or not?
if yes how can I find it?

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Postby kevin » Thu May 12, 2005 7:49 pm

No, it's not released, though we do have anonymous CVS access.

May 16th is the planned release date.


Features OJS @

Postby guest » Mon May 16, 2005 6:36 am

OJS is very good software,

what are the Features of OJS 2

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Postby John » Tue May 17, 2005 8:34 am

Version 2.0 represents a complete rebuild and rewriting of Open Journal Systems 1.X, based on two years of experience with the software that is being used by least 250 journal around the world. Version 2.0 has been developed using the Smarty Template Engine in PHP, with MySQL. Among the many changes, OJS v 2.0:

• Handles multiple journals from a single installation, with potential for shared databases of, for example, reviewers.

• Offers a 12,000-word Help manual that is context sensitive, coming up with the appropriate page wherever you are in the site.

• Manages multiple rounds of peer review, while keeping a complete record and history of the process.

• Enables Editors to enter Reviewer’s responses for Reviewers reluctant to enter the site.

• Options for automated reviewer reminders and reviewer ratings by editor.

• Options for issue covers, page numbers, Digital Object Identifiers.

• Subscription module supports both institutions and individuals, with delayed open access for increased readership.

• Facility for import databases of users.

• Still compliant with Open Archives Initiative Metadata Harvesting Protocol.

• Increased security, with distinct roles and related access privileges, as well as double-encrypted passwords.

• Redesigned Reading Tools, with increased configurability.

• Graphic design by Isaac Tobin, former book designer for Beacon Press.

• Principal architects Kevin Jamieson and John Willinsky.

PKP@SFU: Simon Fraser University Library now provides a permanent home for OJS v2.0, in partnership with the Public Knowledge Project (UBC) and the Canadian Center for Studies in Publishing (SFU).

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OJS vrs 2.0

Postby ramon » Wed May 18, 2005 1:37 pm

Dear OJS Developers (mainly John and Kevin!!),

I'm delighted to have downloaded this version. We will test it as soon as possible, and hope to be able to provide translations as soon as possible. They could be sent and downloaded separately if necessary.

Is v.2.0 still using MySQL? We are having problems when using persistent connections with multiple journals (more than 5) or other systems using the same MySQL server, making it crash frequently.

Does 2.0 have an HTML editor embedded like Jkeisers' hybrid version, or are you planning to incorporate that in a future release, or not at all? It would ease the HTML process creation in tons, and ease the training we provided to our editors.

Are you planning to add a Reference form, separate from the article, for the author, to provide a way of creating citation indexes? This could automatically insert the Bibliography/Reference page, according to the bibliographic format of the journal.

Does 2.0 have a templating system to change the journal's layout??

I'll come up with other stuff if not included already. I'll have to see what's new and study this new structure..

Congratulations in advance!!

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Postby John » Wed May 18, 2005 2:09 pm

Thanks. and we are using PHP with MySQL or PostgreSQL. Otherwise, no HTML editor or Reference Form, but both good points to consider for 2.X (And J Keiser's code would be a good candidate).

Do you know of instances where authors are filling in reference forms, as I fear they would balk at doing this? I know that some journals are keen to get Endnote version of bibliographies from authors, as they are XML tagged.

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OJS 2.x and Citation indexes

Postby ramon » Fri May 20, 2005 2:32 pm


The only open source software I know that forces the author to input the Reference of the article is E-prints. One of the repositories of our field of expertise is E-Lis.

I believe it has it's own format, maybe formatable, but I'm not knowledgeable of the system itself, only that it is in Perl, highly used for institutional repositories.

If you perform a search for any english term, and select any article found, you will get all the metadata and possibly access to the full text, but also the reference. E-prints is used, I'm not sure you know, for open peer-review of work, to generate discussion for future articles to be published in scientific journals.

A discussion has also begun here, amongst Ibict and UnB (our public university here) to create an extension course for scientific publication, probably using Latex format as a standard (for its capabilities of standardizing documents) to not only generate some revenue, but to train anyone involved in the editorial process as to what are their roles, what it means to be a researcher, how to write an article, and the tools to do so (which would probably include a training on OJS). More on this I'll probably post in the General area of the forum.

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