Layout complete date and finishing Submissions in Editing

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Layout complete date and finishing Submissions in Editing

Postby bakerl » Wed Mar 05, 2014 2:50 pm

Our site is new to managing journals with OJS. We are running version

In our journal's workflow, the Editor is also handling copyediting, layout, and proofreading. We are having trouble figuring out how to move articles through the copyediting, layout, and proofreading stages and still show an article's accurate status in the Submission in Editing queue. Right now, the queue does not show all the stages as completed, so articles stay highlighted, indicating they need the Editor's attention, and they show a dash under Layout, indicating the article has not passed layout. This is causing confusion on what articles really need something and which are actually done.

Here's what we did:

Under Copyediting, step 1 Initial Copyedit, we clicked complete. Under step 3 Final Copyedit, we clicked complete. Marking step 3 complete seemed to mark that part done and to show a completion date for the article in Submissions in Editing. So far so good.

Under Scheduling, we have the appropriate issue selected.

Under Layout, the Editor downloaded the file in the layout version, modified it, and uploaded the new version as a galley. We do not see any place to mark Layout complete. So the Submission in Editing queue shows layout still pending for this article.

Under Proofreading, we went straight to step 3 Layout Editor and clicked initiate and then complete. We are aware that the software will effectively let us skip the Proofreading step entirely, but we were trying to get the Submission in Editing queue to show articles as passing the various stages in an attempt to stop saying it still needs the Editor's attention. Checking complete under Proofreading step 3 put a completion date in the Submission in Editing queue, but the article still stays in the queue and shows that the Editor needs to deal with it even though it is finished. Is this because the queue thinks it still needs Layout? How do we show Layout is complete?

We'd really like the queue to reflect the current status of an article's progress in order to keep track of the work. Is there a way better manage when the Editor is doing so much of the post-acceptance work?

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Re: Layout complete date and finishing Submissions in Editin

Postby asmecher » Thu Mar 20, 2014 9:44 am

Hi bakerl,

This may be overkill, but the conditions that result in highlighting are written up in this function. It's code, but not totally unreadable.

Alec Smecher
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