Server is responding so slowly - OJS 2.3.8

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Server is responding so slowly - OJS 2.3.8

Postby carlaferreira » Tue Feb 11, 2014 11:05 am

We wonder why our server is responding so slowly. Tests were performed and showed that the time delay of many magazines is very slow (more than 3 minutes to respond).
Actions such as selecting reviewer (and all on evaluation), select items in the queue processing / editing, e-mails are those that are slow. Our version is 2.3.8. We know that the size of free memory and server are in accordance with the settings and demand.

The systems analyst made ​​a brief analysis and found that indeed there is a request made repeatedly in the database that takes a long time to be processed . SQL' code is as follows:

SELECT DISTINCT CAST ('' AS CHAR ) AS url , 0 AS author_id , 0 AS submission_id , CAST ('' AS CHAR ) AS email , 0 AS primary_contact , 0 AS seq, aa.first_name , aa.middle_name , aa.last_name , asl.setting_value affiliation_l AS, asl.locale , aspl.setting_value affiliation_pl AS, AS aspl.locale primary_locale , FROM authors aa LEFT JOIN author_settings ASPL ON ( aa.author_id = aspl.author_id AND aspl.setting_name = ' affiliation ' AND aspl.locale = ' en_US ' ) LEFT JOIN ON author_settings asl ( aa.author_id = asl.author_id AND asl.setting_name = ' affiliation ' AND asl.locale = ' en_US ' ) LEFT JOIN articles ON ( a.article_id = aa . submission_id ) LEFT JOIN published_articles pa ON ( pa.article_id = a.article_id ) LEFT JOIN issues ON i ( pa.issue_id i.issue_id = ) WHERE 1 = i.published aa.submission_id AND AND pa.article_id = a.article_id = a . article_id AND a.status = 3 AND ( aa.last_name IS NOT NULL AND aa.last_name < >'' ) AND LOWER ( aa.last_name ) LIKE LOWER ( '%' ) ORDER BY aa.last_name , aa.first_name LIMIT 10100 25

Function that generates one slow request:
is getAuthorsAlphabetizedByJournal , the classes / article / file.

Description of function , according to the file itself :

" Retrieve all published authors for a journal in an associative array by the first letter of the last name "
" Keys Will Appear in sorted order . Que Note if journalId is null , alphabetized authors for all journals are returned . "

What you suggest in this case to be done?

I created a thread in the Technical OJS and informed me that it certainly has nothing to do with the slowness of the system.
Link to this topic:

We know we have to update the version, but is there something to be done before that, to solve this system slowdown?

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