Implementing DOIs - Various problems

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Implementing DOIs - Various problems

Postby janer » Wed Oct 16, 2013 4:45 am


We are in need of urgent help please.

Having taken the decision to implement DOIs, and received the CrossRef prefix, I turned them on a couple of weeks ago, via SETUP. We intended that the next issue onwards would be the first to 'go live'.

But I have rapidly realised that, before anything has been uploaded to CrossRef - we are due to publish next week and I was going to upload the first batch of article details via their upload form just prior to publication - anybody trawling our back copies and clicking on a paper link in the Contents List is already being presented with the DOI of any paper on its 'landing page, or, under Metadata etc in the RH column if they proceed to open the pdf. An eagle-eyed librarian has already done that and emailed to complain that that the DOIs are not working.

I discussed this with the Editor, who asked me to switch off the DOIs pro-tem - but when I went to do that in Set-Up I could not! The relevant bit of Section 1.1 has just disappeared - comparing it to the screen shots in the OJS: Complete Guide, all the lines between ISSN and Mailing Address are just not there! I feel as if I am Alice through the Looking Glass! We are hosted at SFU, and were upgraded to version on 14th October, which was after I turned on the DOIs - has something weird happened as a result of the upgrade? Please help me sort this out - I am not a technical person for IT issues either!

And I also have a different question to add to the scenario. We currently operate a 12-month delay on open access. Once a DOI has been uploaded to CrossRef for a paper, will clicking the DOI-related URL on the landing page for papers which are 'padlocked' unless a person has subscribed, in fact just open the same paper directly via the DOI link, or, as we hope, is the website going to bar that access for 'padlocked' papers?

I will be so grateful for your advice - we just don't know how to sort this out at all!


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Re: Implementing DOIs - Various problems

Postby asmecher » Wed Oct 16, 2013 8:33 am

Hi Janer,

As you've discovered, the DOI setup options were moved between recent releases. See for information on the current (new) setup structure.

Providing DOI links won't bypass subscription -- readers should land on the article's landing page, which provides abstract, title, etc., and will inform them that the article requires subscription.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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