Moving submissions from one journal to another

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Moving submissions from one journal to another

Postby abrownsell » Wed Oct 10, 2012 5:22 am


We have one journal set up on our install of OJS (2.3.4) which actually represents two journals - a combined workflow basically.

We now wish to split this workflow - host two discrete journals on our one install. The two journals are closely related so having them on the same install makes sense. Enrolling users into the new journal is very easy - the import/export plugins allow us to 'copy' all the authors/reviewers from one journal into another with no problems at all.

However, I am having difficulty figuring out how i re-locate submissions (and all the associated history of actions, correspondence etc) from one journal to another. This needs to happen in two different ways:
1) Initially, it would be great to 'batch' move 100s of articles into the new journal (removing them from the current journal completely)
2) In the future, I can foresee us needing to (on an ad hoc basis) allow the Editors of each journal to move a submissions between the journals (authors will inevitably submit papers to the wrong journal once in a while)

Is there a way of accomplishing these things? in the case of 1 (batch moving) the solution can be quite 'teccy' - I will get an IT person to help with that if needs be. However, in the case of 2 (ad hoc moves from one journal to another) we would need the Editors to be able to manage this themselves, so some relatively simple UI to allow them to do this would be ideal.

Both journals will have exactly the same roster of users with the same roles allocated to their accounts (eg a Reviewer in Journal A will also be a Reviewer in Journal B).

Any thoughts? Grateful for any advice this community can offer.



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Re: Moving submissions from one journal to another

Postby springday » Mon Oct 29, 2012 1:58 am

Hi Adam,

the first step, moving the submissions to the other journal, could probably be achieved with an SQL-UPDATE-query in the database. You would have to change the "journal_id" field in the "articles"-table and probably also the "journal_id" field in the "issues"-tabel (this will be required, if your journal has already assigned articles/submissions to issues). A database query however would only be a suitable way, if you find a way to write a select statement, that uniquely identifies the articles/submissions that need to be moved. Are they all in a certain article number range? Do they have specific titles in common? Do they have certain DOIs or other public identifiers that can be used for grouping the articles that need to move?
If there is, and if you want to give it a try moving the submissions with a database query, I strongly recommend you to try this on a non-productive system first. You could copy your OJS installation to a local computer first, try the sql query and see if it works or if there's some dependency that has been overlooked. If you made sure that it works, you can also run the query on your public OJS's database server.

I don't know of any way for editors to move submissions between journals, but there seems to be some demand around this thing. You can search this forum for other similar request and maybe second this as a feature request somewhere.

Best wishes,

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