EXPORTING Problem and demo server

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EXPORTING Problem and demo server

Postby sxdcfbgnh » Thu Aug 27, 2009 3:06 pm

Two issues my friends:
1. Demo server does not let me in with user: lemon8 and pass: xmldoc
Does anybody have it installed on his own server and working, would I be able to get a user and a pass to try some things.

2. MAJOR for ME!!!! Exporting does not work!!!!. I installed Lemon8 on my server, I managed to get everything going.
All of a sudden I try to do EXPORT and I get "XML parsing failed" with a different message depending on the browser.

No PDF export, no XML export, neither NLM nor Lemon8 XML.

I need the XML export my friends, can anybody help me.
Do i need something extra on my server?
I am using WAMP latest version, rewrite enabled.

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Re: EXPORTING Problem and demo server

Postby sxdcfbgnh » Thu Aug 27, 2009 3:56 pm

Ok I fixed my own problem.
So it was all related to:

Notice: Use of undefined constant E_NONE - assumed 'E_NONE' in C:\wamp\www\lemon8\cake\libs\configure.php on line 292

I opened the config file and on line 292 I deleted the E_NONE thing and i wrote

error_reporting(E_NONE); --> error_reporting('CakeLog');

I dont know what the CakeLog does I just know it is a good "Stuffer" and it does not give me error.

Now the XML export works since the parse does not get errors.


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Re: EXPORTING Problem and demo server

Postby jerico » Thu Feb 04, 2010 6:19 am

Hi guys,

this is actually a bug of CakePHP. Lemon8 comes with an older dev version of CakePHP 1.3 which used the E_NONE constant. I looked in the PHP source code and it seems that E_NONE never existed. There is a PHP bug that indicates that E_NONE was (wrongly) contained in the PHP documentation but never implemented (see http://bugs.php.net/16330 and http://bugs.php.net/16004).

You can solve this problem by replacing E_NONE with the number "0" (or any other valid E_* constant) in the source code.

We won't provide an "official" patch for this as we no longer actively develop Lemon8. All Lemon8 functionality will be directly included in our applications (starting with OJS) and the Lemon8-functionality will also be usable stand-alone as a programmer's library to be included in your custom code.

Please have a look at http://pkp.sfu.ca/wiki/index.php/Lemon8-XML_Roadmap for our plans re Lemon8.

Kind regards,

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