Past Scholarly Inquiry Initiatives


Strengthening African Research Culture and Capacities

International Development Research Centre, Open Society Institute, Soros Foundation, 2006-08
Samuel Smith Esseh, John Willinsky

With hundreds of African journals using PKP software in the African Journals Online program, PKP conducted Online Scholarly Publishing workshops in African research libraries on the feasibility of moving journal to online management and full-text publishing as a way to strengthen local research culture and knowledge building.


Toward an Intellectual History of Publishing

John Willinsky

Focused on the implications of John Locke’s theory of property for intellectual property rights and responsibilities within the “commonwealth of learning,” as it relates to current levels of access to scholarly work and to student’s lack of experience with such property in the schools given the increasing emphasis on standardized testing. Previous work on this theme had been done on the Oxford English Dictionary, Leibniz, and Newton.


Creating New Reading Environments for Scholarly Work

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, 2004-2007
Chia-Ning Chiang, Rick Kopak, John Willinsky

PKP has experimented with ways to improve the online reading environment for research and scholarship for a wide range of readers through the use of “reading tools,” which connect what’s being read to related research, media reports, and government materials, providing a context for critical engagement, with studies underway involving policymakers, humanities scholars, high school teachers, college students, and members of the public.


Extending the Global Knowledge Exchange: Technological Change and the Research Capacities of Developing Nations

The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, 2003-04
John Willinsky

How changes in scholarly publishing can increase the global exchange of knowledge by facilitating greater participation from universities in developing nations.


Improving the Value of Research for Policymakers, Journalists, and the Public

Max Bell Foundation, 2001-03
John Willinsky

A program of research and development that built on the health field’s experience of patients and their families pouring through research articles on the web and physicians seeking to practice forms of evidence-based medicine.


The Scholarly and Public Quality of Research

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, 2000-2002
John Willinsky

An investigation into the contribution which online structures and knowledge management technologies make to the public accessibility and coherence of this body of knowledge.


Educators’ Exchange

Office of Learning Technologies, 1999-2002
John Willinsky

A project to design, develop, and field-test a multilingual knowledge management system for educators.