OCS Documentation

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For any available translations of the documentation, please see the Language pages of our web site.

Official Guides and Documentation

These documents have been prepared by the PKP team and are generally updated for every major OCS release.

    The README file, included with the software download, provides information on system requirements and installation instructions.
  • Upgrade OCS
  • OCS 2.3.6 recommended patches – ocs, pkp-lib
  • OCS in an Hour
    This PDF booklet is an introductory guide to the various features and roles in OCS, including many illustrative screenshots.
  • OCS Quick Guide
    This brief guide illustrates the steps required to setup OCS for a one-time event, with a director-based review process.
  • OxS Quick Reference
    This reference document covers common system tasks for both OCS and OJS. It includes instructions on: installing and configuring the software on a server; publishing content; and practicing necessary server administration tasks (making backups, upgrading, troubleshooting, etc.). It also includes additional material useful for developers who are looking to make additions and modifications to the code.

Community Documentation

The following are a sampling of the documents have been have been written by and for the PKP community on our wiki. We welcome any and all contributions to the wiki: how-to’s, development guides, usage reports, and so on.

  • Using PayPal for OJS and OCS Payments
    This document outlines the steps to create a PayPal account and configure OJS and OCS to collect secure online payments.
  • Embedding Multimedia into OJS/OCS
    Using Web 2.0 tools like Blip or Slideshare, you can embed videos, slide shows, or audio directly into an OJS or OCS page.
  • Translating OJS and OCS
    This document will give you a solid understanding on how languages work with OJS and OCS, and the knowledge to undertake and maintain your own translations or translations of others.
  • LDAP and Shibboleth Setup Guide for OJS and OCS
    This guide illustrates how to set up LDAP or Shibboleth authentication with OJS or OCS. Please note that it is not a guide on installing and configuring either service on its own, and only deals with integrating our software with each service.