Start Here: Basic Workplan for a New OJS Journal

Here are the main steps in setting up your journal with OJS.  Some link to PKP School courses, which are free but require registration to take and to view.

  1. Set up the technical infrastructure, including hosting, domain name, and server environment. Hosting is available from PKP Publishing Services or you can use your own host.
  2. Protect your data
  3. Install OJS
  4. Configure OJS
  5. Customize the look
  6. Decide on article file types
  7. Register for an ISSN
  8. Register for a DOI
  9. Register with a LOCKSS Network
  10. Import content
  11. Build an editorial team
  12. Determine copyright policy
  13. Select a financial model
  14. Get your content indexed
  15. Market your journal