OMP Documentation

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    For installation and upgrade instructions, see the README document from the most recent release of OJS.
  • Upgrade OMP
  • OMP 1.1.1 recommended patches – omp (Git), omp (Patch), pkp-lib (Git), pkp-lib (Patch)
  • OMP Userguide
    The illustrated guide to online scholarly publishing using Open Monograph Press. This guide introduces OMP; explains how to configure a new press; and describes the submission, review, editing and production workflow processes from the point of view of authors, editors, and others. This guide is maintained on the PKP Wiki, and is open for community contributions.
  • OMP API Reference
    The OMP API Reference is automatically generated from the OMP source code using Doxygen, and is a valuable reference for developers looking to understand the codebase.
  • PKP Frequently Asked Questions
    This document answers the most frequently asked questions about all of our software.