2.1. Site Settings

To change your site's title, any text on the home page, or your principal contact information, among other things, you will want to review your Site Settings.

From the Site Administration menu, under the Site Management heading, choose Site Settings:

Figure 3.2. Selecting Site Settings from the Site Administration Menu

Selecting Site Settings from the Site Administration Menu

This will allow you to add information regarding your overall OJS installation, not individual journals. This includes the name of your site, an introductory statement about your site, a redirect option (leave this blank if you do not need to redirect users), a description of your site, contact information, a minimum password length for registered users, and indexing registration. You will have the opportunity to provide details about your individual journal(s) at a later stage.

Figure 3.3. Site Settings

Site Settings

A detailed breakdown of all options are as follows: