2.5. Submission Archives

Submissions in this queue have been through the editorial process, whether they have been declined, scheduled to be published, or are published. This queue provides Editors and the assigned Section Editor complete access to the submission's editorial history (Summary, Submission, Review, Editing, and History).

Figure 7.56. Submission Archives

Submission Archives

Submissions rejected from the submission Summary page can be deleted by clicking the Delete link next to their names; published material have their issue listed instead of a delete button.

To Restore an Archived Item to the Active List: the Editor should go to the Archives on the Editor Home page and find the submission. Clicking on the submission's title will lead to the Summary, Review, Editing and History pages for the submission. On the Summary page you will find a Restore to Active List link; clicking this will move the submission back into the In Review or In Editing list, depending on what stage the submission was at when it was archived.

Figure 7.57. Submission Status

Submission Status