2.13. System Plugins

System plugins allow OJS to expand its functionality, and accept contributions from participating developers, without altering the core of the program. If you are interested in writing a plugin for OJS, please contact us using the Support Forum. There is a special plugin gallery on the forum dedicated to new plugins. The most widely used plugins are shipped with OJS by default, but it is always a good idea to check this gallery for new ones particular to your needs, as well as updated plugins. You can use the Upgrade Plugin option for each to upload the new files found on the forum. Most journals wait for any new plugins to be included with a new release of OJS, but if you need a new feature right away, this is the way to upgrade it.

As a Journal Manager, you can decide which plugins to add to your journal, and which to leave out.

Currently included plugins include an alternative user authentication system (LDAP), imports and exports, an indexing tool for Google Scholar, themes, block plugins for UI extensions, and more.

To see all of the available plugins, select System Plugins from the Journal Manager's Management pages.

Figure 4.143. Management Pages: System Plugins

Management Pages: System Plugins

On the resulting page, you will see all categories of plugins.

Figure 4.144. Plugin Management

Plugin Management